Our Equipment

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MOL owns both the Litho Gold and Lithotron Lithotripsy Machines – both having outstanding performance records. 

The LithoGold is a Spark Gap, German manufactured machine – whose design team was involved in the design of the Dornier HM3, HM4 and the LithoTron.  The Litho Gold has the largest blast path of any Lithotriptor on the market (16 x 99) with a depth of penetration of 16.5cm.  CLICK HERE for more details. 

The LithoTron is also spark gap technology, proven gold standard with a re-treatment rate of only 4.1% (very similar to the HM-3, but with the capability to be portable).  The Philips BV-25 Gold C-Arm, which detaches from the shock source so that physicians can perform cystoscopy when necessary, provides excellent imaging.